About Me

Greetings and thank you for checking out my work. My name is Lorenzo Mattei and I'm a self-taught fine-art landscape and adventure photographer based in Umbria, the "green heart" of Italy.

My Story

I was born and raised in the Apennines and started to love the mountains and the nature around me since I was child.

My father handed me a camera when I was 6 (a Yashica FX3 if you have to know) and I've been hooked into photography since then. For many years, I've been mostly interested in documenting my family and outside adventures, but over time I started to develop a fond interest in trying to communicate how I see the world while I experience those adventures.

This is the main goal of this site: to share my view of the world, of the light, of the beauty around us with you.

Thank you for being interested in my story!


I photograph to experience the beauty of Nature, the friendship of adventures in wild places, the peacefulness of standing alone in the middle of nowhere under a starry sky, the wonder of seeing the Northern Lights dance above me.

I strive to create images that offer visual visual inspiration for thoughts and feelings, rather than document appearances.

As in all of art, a piece should be able to evoke an emotional response.  Selecting the right places and moments, paying attention to detail, and making the creative use of beautiful light are the tool that I, as a photographer, have to convey those emotions.

The entire collection of my work is available in the form of fine art prints.

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