About Lorenzo Mattei

Howdy! I’m Lorenzo Mattei, a photographer living in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.
I was introduced into photography at age 6 when my father gave me an all mechanical Yashica FX-3 and, since then, I never stopped chasing the light and documenting the world around me.

I love documenting the rapidly changing world and showing you views of the world around us in ways that you may not have seen them before. Since I was young, I’ve had a passion for mountains and outdoor life and, over the years, I’ve found that these passions interwin well with my passion for photography. Because of this, quite a lot of my work is related to landscape, travel and adventure photography.

My photos have been published in numerous magazines, used in marketing and public awareness campaigns, and exhibited in museums and public and private galleries.

The entire collection of my work is available as fine art prints made using the highest quality printing processes available today.

Son of two teachers, I’m really passionate about education and I offer workshops and mentorship programs.