Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands:  a wilderness outpost that offers untrammeled landscape of mountains, fjords, seabirds, beaches and, during the long Winter nights, the awesome show of Northern Lights.

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Hamnoy: the oldest and most picturesque village in the Lofoten Islands.
Hamnoy in orange and green
Hamnoy in orange and green
Reine at sunrise
Svollvaer: the Venice of North
Pink reflection
Magic in Svollvaer
The old harbor
Blue time
Blue time II
Peaceful sunrise
Ocean's power
Going to the Ocean
The rocks and the water
Ocean magic
Ocean's power
Water games
Water games II
Water games III
Water games IV
A path to the infinite
At the heart of the Great North
Heading to the North
Skagsanden beach
Peaceful sunrise on Skagsanden beach
Utakleiv beach
Utakleiv beach II
Utakleiv beach III
Northern Lights over Skagsanden beach
Northern Lights on Skagsanden beach
Northern Lights over Skagsanden beach
Dancing lights
Following the flow
Multicolor Aurora
Nature made drawings
Nature made drawings II
Nature made drawings III
Nature made drawings IV
Nature made drawings V
Nature made drawings VI
Nature made drawings VII
Nature made drawings VIII
Fire and sea
Steel whooling on the harbor
Pastel landscape
The perfect reflection
Golden time