Born in Assisi, a small town in Umbria (Italy), I’m based in Gubbio, an even smaller town in the same district. I started photography several years ago, in the age of film, willing to follow my desire of telling stories using a mythical  Yashica FX-3 that my father gave me. For years, the bulk of my work has been related to reportage, but over the years my love for outdoors brought me to expand my interests to other kinds of photography too.

Today, I’m primarily involved with landscape, adventure and travel photography, with some episodes in events and studio. Being outside and meeting interesting people it is still what drives my passion about photography.

My work has been featured in many different magazines, books, newspapers, exhibitions, etc. and my stock collection is sold by some of the big names in the industry.

I’m a member of the Clickalps Italian Photography Team.