A bit late for sure, it seems that I eventually managed to revamp my little photography website. I used to have a web presence for some years now, but, after the initial release, I never succeeded in maintaining or updating it. I started to think about a whole remake about one year ago, as I realized that both the content and the layout were really too old. Taking advantage of some unforeseen time off, I put the site offline last August and started working on it with the idea of completing the remake in a couple of weeks or so, but it seems that the things went a different way.

Anyway, I ended up with something I like and I’m happy to share. Galleries got a great revamp, with more images and subjects. I’ve developed a whole new section: “Stories”, where I plan to publish in the near future some projects I’m working on. Taking advantage of having switched to WordPress to power the site, I also set up this Blog.

I’m also going to publish a Newsletter: it will be a quarterly publication which will include new and published work, equipment reviews, digital how-to articles, reports of interesting adventures and much more. If you are interested in receiving it, you can register using the form on the side of this page.

Enjoy the new site and, please, let me know your thoughts and comments!